Analytics-Enabled Retro-Commissioning Program

September 28, 2015


PG&E has been delivering cost-effective Retro-commissioning (RCx) programs to larger commercial customers to help improve and optimize energy use.


PG&E historically struggled to engage schools and municipal buildings into its Retro-commissioning program. They recognized analytics could provide a cost-effective solution to expand their Retro-commissioning service offering into the broader commercial customer portfolio.


FirstFuel’s Remote Building Analytics provide a breakthrough solution to make retro-commissioning cost-effective and scalable to a much broader range ofcustomers. Leveraging utility meter data, FirstFuel analytics work across the entire efficiency lifecycle to rapidly and cost-effectively expand RCx program reach. FirstFuel seamlessly integrates with Nexant’s services, which helps customers implement low/no-cost operational measures.

FirstFuel helps PG&E:

- Access hard-to-reach customer segments

 - Identify new sources of operational savings

- Channel retrofit leads to prescriptive/custom programs

- Build stronger engagement levels with customers




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