BPA Releases Draft EE Action Plan for Public Review and Comment

October 27, 2016

In February 2016, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council released the Seventh Power Plan. This plan identifies the energy efficiency savings potential in the Northwest and establishes a regional savings goal. BPA has committed to achieving a share of the goal established in the Power Plan and developed the EE Action Plan to define their strategy for doing so. The Action Plan forecasts how public power will achieve the savings goals through a variety of EE programs and other channels like market transformation and Momentum Savings as well as identifying the budget required to do so. The draft Action Plan is now available for public review and comment, through November 11. Please click here to provide them with your feedback. A brown bag is scheduled for November 3 to review the high level themes and results of the Action Plan.

NEEC members will want to note that the Plan proposes that BPA projects a declining share of its own funding for “programmatic savings” relative to its customer utilities funding amount. Also noteworthy is the reliance on Momentum Savings in meeting the 7th Plan targets.

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