Member Project Spotlight: South Whidbey Island Schools Lighting Retrofit

October 30, 2012
School Gymnasium with improved lighting after retrofit

NEEC Member Light Doctor, has recently completed the lighting retrofit of the South Whidbey Island School District. South Whidbey is the 27th school district to be retrofitted by Light Doctor.

Improving the lighting in schools is not only an enhancement of the learning environment it is one of the best capital investments that the State can make in our schools. The photos below show the difference-improved lighting can make in a school gymnasium.

In the gym, Lighting Doctor took out 400w high pressure sodium bulbs and fixtures which drew 469w and replaced them with six lamp T-8 fixtures that drew 224w. In another gym, they changed out 250w HPS bulbs which drew 302 w and replaced them with 4 lamp T-8 fixture which drew 148wThey changed the classrooms from four lamp T-12 fixtures which drew 147w and replaced them with with 2 lamp T-8 fixtures which drew 48w. On the wall packs they replaced a variety of HPS bulbs with new CFL fixtures. The District's net energy savings, per year, will be 420,195kw.

Light Doctor, based in Mountlake Terrace, WA, performs lighting retrofits and lighting maintenance services throughout the Pacific Northwest. Last year, the company completed 126 lighting retrofit projects that saved their clients 17.7 million KWHs. These savings, of course, continue on, as the improved lighting is not only more energy efficient, but also the bulbs have a longer life thereby reducing maintenance and replacement costs. The retrofit projects included schools, parking garages, shopping centers, office buildings, manufacturing plants and medical facilities.

Light Doctor’s experienced team of lighting professionals and licensed electricians make it the ideal resource for your lighting needs. The Company prides itself in being able to provide clients with the most appropriate recommendations for their lighting, whether it is interior or exterior applications. With the rapid technological improvements in lighting, and the wide array of lighting products now on the market, it is important that clients receive a professional evaluation of their needs. Light Doctor provides that type of service.

Light Doctor’s mission is: To provide lighting solutions that enhance the environment in which we work and live. The Company lives that mission statement every day.

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