PSCCU Cares, Acts and Empowers

January 27, 2015

At PSCCU, members are not only part owners of a financial cooperative, but they also help play a role in environmental sustainability, financial security for others, and job creation. The credit union offers all the financial products and management tools as other financial institutions, but they diversify themselves by combining helping the environment with providing their members with the best money-saving options.

One of the major ways they accomplish this is through their Energy Smart (Home Efficiency) Loans. They have helped numerous homeowners around the Puget Sound area and beyond update their homes to be energy-efficient, as well as businesses that supply the designs, material and labor to grow and prosper. Just take a look at what some of their members have to say.

“After years of recycling, growing organic produce and conserving energy, my husband and I were determined to do more to help the planet. Energy efficiency was the next step.

Through the Community Power Works program with the City of Seattle, funded by federal ARRA grant money, we learned that we could obtain a low-cost energy efficiency audit along with a low-cost loan from Puget Sound Co-op Credit Union for energy efficiency improvements to our 1905 house. We decided to go ahead with new, efficient doors and windows as well as insulation. But when I saw the offer of a low-interest, no-money-down loan for solar power installations, I was hooked. I had dreamed for years of the chance to make my own carbon-free, pollution-free, renewable energy, but I always thought it was far out of reach - too expensive for my family to afford. For the first time, I dared to dream of a truly sustainable lifestyle.

Thank you, PSCCU, for helping us prove that sustainability is affordable!”
~ Member Grace R.

“PSCCU and Artisan Electric made a long-time dream come true. When we purchased our property on Key Peninsula in the spring of 2005, we knew it would be perfect for solar. But figuring out the details and how to finance it, that was another thing.

When I saw Artisan Electric's presentation in our community, we jumped at the chance. Having all the details worked out with PSCCU made it possible for us to just jump right on board. So thank you so much for making our dreams come true.”
~ Members Barbara & Jeffrey W.

PSCCU is open to anyone who lives, works or attends school in Washington State. To learn more about PSCCU, visit, call 425-283-5151 or toll free 800-273-1550, or visit any one of their branches located in Bellevue, Renton, Tacoma, and Vashon Island.


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